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At Lets Live we are passionate about providing you with health information that is simple and easy to understand. We recommend what dietary changes you may need to implement and which supplements may help to improve your health condition.

We know we can all make simple healthy changes for ourselves and our families and our lives can be greatly improved.

With our ever increasing hectic lifestyle and the further processing of our foods, with more than 2,000 refined foods lining the shelves of our supermarkets, we are fast becoming very toxic and sick. This is why we have selected quality natural health products from suppliers who meet our expectations so we can provide you with those products at a fair price.

As a Lets Live customer we are committed to providing you with a friendly, reliable and efficient service with health products you can trust.

We hope you enjoy using the information provided to you and enjoy the ease of accessing our user friendly site and we always welcome any feedback you may have.

Here's to natural health.

Cees Hekelaar

About the Way of Life Health shop and Cees

The Way of Life Health Shop has been an independent business for over 15 years offering the Franklin and Papakura community the widest range of health products, combined with a wealth of knowledge and great friendly personal service. Our service also provides qualified and certified therapists consultations. We have consultation rooms with an ACC registered Osteopath, a Naturopath/Herbalist, a Homoeopath, a Nutritionist, a Scenar therapist, a Massage/Acupuncturist, a Psychic /Reiki therapist and a Cranio-Sacral therapist.

Providing this professional natural health care, we became over the past 15 years one of the most respected and successful independent health stores. Way of Life Health shop continually has specials and offers a loyalty card for her customers, this way catering for everyone's personal budgets and requirements.

We now welcome you to the online extension, Lets Live Wellness Community and Store offering nationwide and global access to our services. Shop with us for the widest range of the best health supplements, vitamins, herbs, natural skin care and aroma therapy products available online today. The man behind this online venture is Cees Hekelaar. Cees has 34 years of experience in natural health and retail, having owned very successful health shops in Holland for 30 years. After coming over to New Zealand with his family in 2007, he took over the successful Way of Life Health shop.

Cees and his staff and the therapists are a team of health professionals dedicated to achieving the very best health outcomes for their customers. With our online service we offer our customers the convenience and value of online shopping and still offering the personal contact and extra care they receive when coming into our store. We are determined to ensure that each customer receives both value for money and the personal touch, while using the convenience of online shopping.

Lets Live Wellness Community and Store is another way that we have tried to make it easier for you to share our wealth of knowledge and experience. Please bookmark us and visit regularly, to catch up on the latest health news and research from around the world and do not hesitate to contact us online, by phone, email or video chat with any questions you may have. Cees is happy to have a video chat session online (as soon as this facility is integrated in our website) to be face to face with you just as you would be in his shop.

Our contact number is: (New Zealand) 09 2387806 (International +64 9 2387806)

About Cees life long road in the Natural Health industry

My passion for Natural health was installed in the late 70's working in my health shop, owned by my brother and me, named Bio Herba in Zaandam in the Netherlands. (This shop is still owned by my brother and successfully operated by the same staff as when I left for New Zealand in 2007)

Over a period of several years my interest and knowledge in Natural Health grew more and more and whilst working in this utterly interesting industry I really came to understand that our Health was so determined by the health of our cells, our minds and our everyday environment. I could see that the increase of chemical additives used in our foods, our exposure to toxins in our personal care products, and the decrease in the level of nutrition from modern day farming and growing practices were certainly all contributing to our everyday health problems. I could also see that many illnesses were attributed to our lifestyle choices and many prescription drugs were adding to our already diseased states.

The Natural Health knowledge I have gained has taught me that we are all so different, what therapy works for some doesn't work for all. We have to look at our body as a whole and not just try and fix one part. What helps towards a healthier recovery is a combination of eating healthier foods, growing your own vegetables organically, drinking plenty of water and taking time to exercise and relax.

My life long road in Natural Health has led me to combining the shop's local services with the nationwide and beyond, for everyone approachable Lets Live Website. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I have gained and teaching people about how to make simple small steps towards increased wellness. My vision is to create a place for everyone to have access to information about ways to start making simple healthy changes for ourselves and our families so our lives can be greatly improved.

Each of us has to listen to our own body for the signs that all is not well, we need to be conscious about what foods don't make us feel so good and attempt to avoid those as much as possible. Eating and drinking more healthier foods, taking time for relaxation and making sure we are having fun are all valuable options for increased wellness. Our ability to heal ourselves is achievable with good nutrition and the right attitude towards our healing path. We so deserve to be happy and healthy and living life to the full.

"You too have the ability to make some simple changes - so make the most of it right here and now"

Cees Hekelaar