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Dr. Oz Recommends Sea Buckthorn as a Weight Management “Superfood”- Dieters Results Are Amazing
Published on 14th March 2012
Read more Dr. Oz, one of the most respected weight management authorities in the media today, has recently come out and recommended a product that has been getting a lot of attention in the weight management community over the last several months. The product is called Sea Buckthorn, and according to Dr. Oz, it is one of...
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Top tips to stay healthy over the Silly Season . .
Published on 8th December 2011
Read more Some of these tips might seem obvious - and they're a great reminder to actually DO them - not just think about them. We here at Let's Live can't claim to always live by all of them, and even acting on some of them will make a difference. Enjoy!

Stay Hydrated

It's important to drink lots...
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How do I test for Hypothyroidism?
Published on 8th August 2010
Read more Here's a Quick Test to check your Basal Body Temperature if you suspect you have an under or over active thyroid.

Women are affected more than men and it is estimated that one woman in eight will develop a thyroid problem in her life and women are five to eight times more likely than men to...
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15 Tips for better sleep
Published on 3rd September 2016
Read more 15 Top Tips for Better Sleep

Ban blue light from the bedroom (eg. TVs, computers, cell phones); the short waves of blue light may interfere with sleep.

Avoid naps, particularly within 8 hours of bedtime, as napping can sabotage a good night’s sleep.
Block the clock – glancing at the clock in the night may set your mind...
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Feeling frazzled? - The art of less stress
Published on 21st June 2010
Read more The sun is shining, you’re outside with your mates, there’s a cool breeze and life is all great…...well, almost all great.

For many of us the daily stressors we encounter, as well as the odd curve-ball thrown at us, can put our happy hormones and energy a little out of whack. Fatigue, low mood and irritability...
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Can our attitudes create disease?
Published on 11th December 2009
Read more People rarely choose consciously to create an illness, rather illnesses develop as a consequence of our behavioral patterns and attitudes that we don’t even realise can make us biologically toxic until they have already become so. Only when illness forces us to review our attitudes do we come close to comprehending that our day to...
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Sweet Satisfaction or Sweet Destruction
Published on 5th June 2012
Read more If you lack satisfaction in your life, you may be attracted to quick sugar fixes like chocolate or cake. The quicker and higher your sugar levels raise after you have had a sweet treat, the faster and lower it will drop afterwards. And once again, you will be left feeling agitated and dissatisfied. Many women...
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Superfoods - What are they and why are they good for us?
Published on 31st January 2012
Read more We’re hearing the term superfoods a lot lately but what are they and why are they so good for us?

Our bodies need many nutrients to thrive including carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and co-factors. In order to process and absorb these, our bodies use the very calories and nutrients contained within the foods being digested....
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Stress, Sleep & Mood -
Published on 8th December 2011
Read more Ever wonder why no matter how much sleep you get, you still seem to be tired?

Or why after having children your energy levels do not return to your pre-child rearing state? Or maybe you have gone through a prolonged period of stress, and even though it is over, your body is still worn out,...
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Low vitamin D raises risk of mortality by 30% in the elderly.
Published on 23rd August 2012
Read more The Importance of Vitamin D

We probably all still know, from early childhood on, that Vitamin D was important to have on a daily base. Why? ... We didn’t know, we just knew that it was good for you and that we hated to take it, it was not nice. You remember?

Later on we learned it...
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Coconut oil may be able to reverse the progression of Alzheimer's
Published on 7th June 2012
Read more Reliable conclusions about the causes of Alzheimer's disease remain elusive, and effective drugs to treat the disease remain equally scarce. An actual pharmaceutical cure seems as close to becoming reality as a cure for cancer (i.e. nowhere in sight). Yet a Florida doctor was actually able to reverse her husband's Alzheimer's disease just by giving...
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Published on 7th June 2012
Read more There are numerous people being treated for high Cholesterol Levels with drugs shared under the name of Statins. These medicines lower the body’s production of Cholesterol, but Statins don’t only inhibit cholesterol synthesis. They also inhibit the body’s synthesis of coenzyme Q10. This is not a “side effect” of statins, but a direct, inherent function...
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